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By filling in the below details you will be contributing valuable information that will enable like minded enthusiasts see how much time certain cars take to build and how much on average they cost to put on the road.

These figures will represent the true cost of building a particular car and the actual time it does take to build. After all, you've built the car so you know. Taken as an average of all the builders who submit details on the form below, the figures published on this site will give an accurate representation of the true cost of kit car building in terms of money and time.

Your opinion counts and can help other people interested in a particular car see what you thought of the build process and what you think of the car now that you are driving it.

Please note that the details you enter on the form below will be available for public viewing.

e-mail address
First name
Build time years months
Overall build hours
Overall cost (nearest $)
Your opinion of the build and finished car

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