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CATEGORIES (articles) > American Motorsport > Race Circuits > Ascot Park Circuit

Ascot Park Circuit

For the place in Adelaide, South Australia, see Ascot Park, South Australia.

Ascot Park, Gardena, California, was a famous dirt racetrack located near Los Angeles, California. The track was built on the site of a former city dump. Before it was closed in 1990, it hosted the United States Auto Club championship series, and was used in movies like the original Gone in 60 Seconds and CHiPs.

With seating for only 7,500, Ascot Park was smaller than the other famous tracks of the era, such as Riverside International Raceway (closed 1989) and Ontario Motor Speedway (closed 1981). Yet, the park was equally well-known, because its location was surrounded by freeways. The half-mile course featured tight semi-banked turns, long straight-ways, and a tacky surface that was conductive to dramatic sprint car racing.

It remained unused after a failed development project occupied the former site for a number of years. The park was later replaced by commercial buildings and paved over for parking.

Maps and Areal Photos

  • Current view of Ascot Park
  • Drawing overlay of the Ascot Park track

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CATEGORIES (articles) > American Motorsport > Race Circuits > Ascot Park Circuit

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