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Product Overview

Its amazing that this replica even exists. But for the tenacity of Mark Gomez of Vintage Replicar and the craftsmanship of Thunder Ranch we would probably never have such a replica to drool over as only 1 Porsche 356/1 was ever built. 
The Porsche 356/1 was the first production car created by Ferdinand Porsche. Obvious differences with the 356 that we probably all know is that the 356/1 has a longer rear deck to accomodate a mid-engined configuration rather than rear engined as found in the 356. 
The 356/1 uses a 3 inch tubular chassis ported over from Thunder's RSK Spyder replica. The rest of the running gear, engine and transmission are VW Beetle sourced. Where the original Porsche 356/1 used a 40bhp 1131cc air cooled engine, Vintage use an 1835cc Beetle version that produces a more modern 115bhp. Turnkey and kits are available. 
There are currently no pictures available for this model.



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