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DDR MOTORSPORT SP8 Specification - Data sheet

DDR MOTORSPORT SP8 Specification / Data sheet

The DDR SP8 is an original design sports car made from the ground up but no doubt taking strong styling queues from the McLaren F1. The Sports Prototype 8 (SP8) uses the engine and other components from a 1997 to 2002 LS1 Corvette.


Layout                          : Mid engined sports coupe

Frame                           : Tubular space frame with 6 point rollcage

Bodywork                    : Fiberglass and carbon fibre construction

Restraint System           : 4 Point Sparco

Wheelbase                   : 106.8 inches


Configuration                : Mid engine

Engine                          : LS series small block Chevy V8

Horsepower                  : Worlds your oyster


Gearbox                       : 5 speed manual transmission

Rear Axle                      : Limited Slip


Front suspension type   : Corvette

Rear suspension type    : Corvette

Steering                        : Manual rack & pinion

Brakes                          : Donor

Wheels                         : Fronts - 18 x 9.5 Rears - 18 x 10.5

Tires                            : Fronts - 225/40ZR-18 Rears - 295/40ZR-18


Kit specifications

Corvette based SP8

Parts Offered with the DDR SP8 Kit (1997-2002 LS1 Corvette)

  • Complete Mig welded tubular chassis with interior cockpit aluminum panels
  • Hand laid DDR fiberglass body unpainted
  • Front windscreen
  • Side and rear lexan glass
  • Projector head lamp assemblies
  • Rear, front and side turn signals, rear stop and reverse lights
  • Custom fuel tank and associated hardware
  • Coolant system parts
  • Dashboard
  • Center console
  • Bolts, nuts and washers package

What you need.

  • Complete engine Chevy small block V8
  • Porsche G50 or Audi Transaxle
  • Engine-Transaxle adaptor plate
  • Shifting cables
  • Front and rear suspension with shocks
  • Rack & pinion Steering
  • Steering Column
  • Seats
  • Seat belts
  • Gauges
  • Engine wiring harness
  • Chassis electrical wiring harness
  • Wilwood clutch, brake booster with master cylinder and gas pedal assembly
  • Front and rear wheel rotors and calipers
  • shocks
  • Mirrors
  • Wheel and tires
  • 1992 2002 Mazda RX-7 door rear view mirror

Optional Upgrade Available

  • Optional right hand drive cockpit layout for the UK or other RHD markets.






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